telecomunicacions centraletes telefoniques per empreses

We offer switchboards for companies

Whether you have a telephone switchboard to use traditional phone lines (analogic or digital switchboards), or a Voice over IP (IP – VoIP telephone switchboards) to control expenses or a combination of both, we offer the ideal phone system for your needs.

Installation of structured cabling for Voice, Data and Images (VDI)

Personalized design and installation of structured cable networks and wireless Wi-fi for small and medium sized companies. We adapt to the needs of our customers and their environment, as this will be the main factor for the correct functioning of connections in both a business and domestic environment.

We are a professional, qualified and experienced technical team who know how to adapt our knowledge to the nature, dimension, conditions and needs of each company.

We have all the technical equipment needed to certify any type of installation

These outlets are spread out across various points in the eventuality of a future expansion of the network. We can also distribute them across a floor level, a building, or various ones. All the components we use and are needed for the installation follow regulations. In addition, we will carry out a study and personalized assessment to ensure the best possible solution.

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