Solar and photovoltaic

Generate your own energy

Solar energy contributes to building a more sustainable world which we want and believe in. With your solar energy installation, you will be able to generate your own electricity from a renewable and free energy source, the sun.

You can now contribute to reducing climate change

If you own a roof or a plot of land, you can take advantage of sun rays to generate clean energy, which does not emit toxic gases and reduces the planet´s CO₂, and by means of which you can contribute to reducing climate change. We take care of everything necessary, so that you can produce your own electricity in private homes or communities, as well as your business, company or industry. Here at GRUP LOMI we are a team at your service that will take care of all the necessities in order for you to produce your own electricity and heat water.

We want to offer the best product in solar energy

At GRUP LOMI, we work with the main manufacturers and distributors of solar equipment that transforms solar energy into electricity and the taking advantage of this energy to heat water for pools and ACS. Our technical team installs the different components needed for the optimum functioning of the system.


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