Digital signage

We execute projects with state-of-the-art LED screens in Andorra

LED screens are a modular multimedia system made up of arrays of LEDS. This allows us to connect these arrays and manufacture screens of the size, model, resolution, shape and finishes required. Once assembled, configurated and tested we add the control system in order to use them with the desired multimedia content. To sum up, our aim is to offer creative and quality solutions with an excellent technical service.

LED screen popularity is on the rise to communicate, promote services and inform

They are a very useful tool for the dissemination of all kinds of messages by public bodies and private companies, both indoors and outdoors.

Thanks to advances in technology they have become more and more resistant, making placing less and less of an impediment for their installation. In fact, this type of technology is the one imposing itself in any facility where a large format digital screen is needed such as: inside shops or shop windows, hotels, malls, real estate agencies, dealerships, beauty salons, transport stations, on the walls of large rooms, events, conventions, etc.

Pantalla P6 exterior Grup Lomi

The widest range of products in relation to competitive quality and price

We use components of the highest quality with the latest products, innovations and trends available on the market. We tailor manufacture according to the technological, economic and technical requirements of each customer. We sell Dreamlux and Ledlemon LED screen products exclusively in Andorra. A trustworthy supplier and company with experience in the world of LED technology and with over twenty years of professional background in the field of digital technology. Along with our suppliers we want to provide integral, personalized and guaranteed solutions.

The type of screen needed for each project varies according to its location

There are different factors for optimal viewing depending on the distance (the reference is the distance in millimeters between the center of each pixel, called pixel pitch). It also depends on whether it is located indoors or in an outdoor area because they have special protection against water and dust, or if more brightness is needed due to the incidence of sunlight.

We work with both the end client as well as interior decorators, interior designers or with a Visual merchandiser. We provide assessment throughout the process in order to share our experience and improve on the final result. We investigate and determine the client´s goals. The designer then presents a proposal which maps out the design concept and the cost to complete it. We will specify if on top of the design coverings or adapted aesthetic structures, products or work management and direction are needed and we differentiate the expenses or margins of these services. Sketches and drawings of the design are necessary to proceed with any work to be done on the existing space.

Average manufacturing time is around eight weeks. We tailor make the screens based on each client´s project. We do not carry screens in stock as the technology is constantly evolving and each project uses different models and finishing. We have a comprehensive service, as we want our customers not to worry about installation, technical problems, loss of warranty due to improper use, hours of work with unqualified personnel or damage following installation.

How is content managed?

It can be remotely controlled, which greatly aids in the versatility of its use. The technological specifications of LED screens allow for the retransmission of large quantities of programmed content easily through the Novastar content manager, leading supplier in software and hardware solutions for LED screens and developer of a wide range of controllers. It can be managed from any device with an internet connection, carrying out tasks such as loading programmed adverts, programming on and off times or regulating effects like brightness and contrast, etc.

We have our own design and content editing departments, allowing us, if needed, to provide clients with completely personalized images and videos professionally finished for use on their LED screens.


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